Welcome to K and J Morris Ltd

Our aim is to provide clear, scientifically evidenced, impartial, advice and analyses to stimulate the aviation industry into minimising its environmental footprint”

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing, analysing and promoting sustainability strategies for aviation and associated sectors, in particular related to:
    • Climate change and adaptation
    • Reduced noise from aircraft and airport operations
    • Air quality at, and local to, airports
    • Creating a holistic view of environmental sustainability, identifying environmental interdependencies and their effects
  • Identifying good practice to reduce environmental impacts from aircraft operations
  • Encouraging and reviewing novel research into new technologies
  • Developing environmental and sustainability analysis techniques, technical strategy and reporting
  • Reviewing existing sustainability strategies to enhance their relevance and effectiveness
  • Support in tackling environmental and sustainability challenges
  • Enabling and promoting UK and international aviation partnerships
  • Developing and managing collaborative stakeholder engagement

Our specialist expertise lies mainly within the aviation sector, however, we have a broader knowledge and experience of environmental issues which are easily transferable to support other sectors.